Save Even More

Check out how you can save even more on your electricity bills.

Electricity is cheaper to purchase at certain times of the day

With the Cheap As tariff you are charged wholesale rates for your electricity (set by the NZ wholesale electricity market). This means that you can take advantage of the wholesale prices to use electricity when prices are low. As a general rule of thumb, prices are lowest at night (10pm through to 7am) then during the day (10am to 4pm).

You can check the current electricity (generation rate) at The rates shown on this site are per MW - so divide by 1000 to obtain a cents per kWh rate.

The other costs of getting electricity to your home (distribution, metering, administration and EA Levy) are constant throughout the day.

If you use less than 8,000 kWh per year then make sure you are on a low user tariff

Low Users are households that use less than 8,000 kWh per year. A Low User tariff is cheaper than a standard tariff for households that use less than 8,000 kWh per year but will be more expensive if you use more than 8,000 kWh. It is cheaper for you to be on the correct tariff.

You can select which type of user you think you are when you switch to us. If you leave it blank we will apply the rating held for your address on the industry database.

Periodically we will check and let you know if we think your electricity would be cheaper for you on a different tariff type. You can elect to change to or from a low user tariff once per year at no cost. Contact us if you are unsure which tariff you should be on.

If you want to change your tariff type you can contact us at