Paua to the People

Paua to the People is a small independent electricity retailer with hundreds of customers across the Wellington region. Our mission is to bring the cheapest electricity prices to Wellington households.

Our Story

Like you, we were tired of paying through the nose to keep our lights on, our home heated, and our electrical gizmos working. So, we launched Paua to the People to bring super cheap electricity prices to all Wellingtonians.


At Paua to the People we’re not buying into all the meaningless fluff that makes electricity so expensive in NZ. Stuff like TV adverts, door to door salespeople and expensive contact centers. Paua to the People delivers only what you need.


It’s the same reliable electricity supply you've always had, but for much, much less!

What we do

  • Paua to the People supplies cheap electricity to homes across the Wellington Region
  • We have no fixed term contracts so you can leave whenever you want without penalty
  • We bill you weekly so you can budget more easily
  • You can contact us by email at any time and expect to get a quick response
  • Its free and very easy to switch to Paua to the People

“I am very happy with my decision to switch. I’m saving money and the weekly payments mean I can control my budget better. Way cheaper than my last supplier – even in winter!.”

Bridgette. Thorndon

"Thank you for supplying us with really cheap power. I'm so pleased I switched to Paua!"

Enver. Karori

Exploding some myths about electricity retailers in NZ

You don’t get a more reliable electricity supply from the bigger retailers

In New Zealand, your home’s electricity comes from the same power generator, over the same lines and through the meter at your property regardless of who your retailer is. There is no difference in the reliability of your electricity supply across retailers. 

There is no big switch at your retailer 

Your retailer does not touch your power in any way – there is no big button, switch or other infrastructure located at your retailer. When you switch retailers in New Zealand your property is not physically moved from one supplier to another. The “switch” actually refers to changing information in the industry database recording who the retailer is for your property. 

Price is the only real differentiator for electricity in New Zealand

Regardless of the advertising messages from the various retailers in New Zealand, the only real difference in what each retailer offers is the price you end up paying for your electricity. So, it makes sense to choose the cheapest electricity retailer. 

You tend to get better service from smaller retailers

Thousands of New Zealand households have already chosen to switch their electricity supply to a smaller electricity retailer (over 50,000 in 2016 alone). This is generally not a surprise as according to Consumer NZ, smaller retailers typically significantly reduce your electricity bills and offer better service.


Cheapest electricity for your home


Paua to the People is dedicated to keeping your lights on and gizmos working for the least cost. We were created from the ground up to be a more efficient way to provide your home with the same reliable electricity supply, and to pass those savings back to you.


Paua to the People is all about supplying you with the cheapest possible electricity all the time, not just when you threaten to leave, or in exchange for agreeing to a fixed term contract.

Cheap As

The Cheap As tariff passes through all the costs to get electricity to your home and then simply adds a small administration charge to cover our costs. We don't add in hidden costs for this and that you simply pay for what you use. You can't get cheaper or simpler than that!

To check out The Cheap As costs please click here.


How Paua to the People works

You save heaps because Paua to the People have minimised the costs to keep the same reliable electricity supply to your home. We don't waste money on TV adverts, and we don't have call centres or door to door sales people that call and annoy you at dinnertime. We think that our customers prefer cheaper electricity to slick marketing.


We communicate by email

There is no more waiting in a calling queue because Paua to the People uses email as the primary means of communication with our customers. Our customers regularly tell us that email is a much more convenient way to give instructions about their account than talking to an operator who is always trying to sell them something.


You can always get hold of us quickly if you need to

In the unlikely event that the power goes out you can get hold of us 24/7. You can TXT us on 022 543 8749 or you can email us at to give us all the information we need to get your power up and running again. Remember to fix electricity faults, Paua to the People uses the same suppliers with the same service levels that the more expensive retailers use.


We bill you weekly

Every week we will send you an invoice for the previous week’s electricity consumption. This means that it is easier for you to relate your consumption to what you were doing and bills are more manageable. With the Cheap As tariff we give you a breakdown by day and by time of day, so you can save more by choosing cheaper times to use electricity.


We make it easy to pay

The easiest way to pay is to set up a direct debit. However, you are also very welcome to pay electronically or to set up an automatic payment.


No long-term commitment required

Life is complex enough without having to commit to a lengthy electricity contract. We’re confident that you’ll get a fair price for your electricity usage. We don’t need you to commit to long term contracts to give you that. If you need or want to leave Paua to the People at any time you can – without penalty – just by dropping us an email. 


Who can join Paua to the People?

Paua to the People has designed itself from the ground up to be an extremely efficient provider of electricity so that we can minimise your electricity rates. One of the compromises is that we cannot supply every property with our cheap power.  For your property to be supplied by Paua to the People it must be in the Wellington Region and have a Smart Meter.

If you are unsure if you are eligible please contact us at